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Treat yourself with ziaja oil hair therapy

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Treat yourself with ziaja oil hair therapy

We all dream of strong, shiny hair that proudly bounces with every move, hair that impresses others, hair we can admire in tantalizing ads. Who doesn’t have such dreams?

We often lack time to take proper care of our hair. Instead, for an instant “wow” effect, we style it in one way or another, thus stressing it hard. Dyeing, straightening, curling and even intensive brushing or improper washing might be the quickest way to hair damage. As a result, hair’s natural protective barrier is impaired. The hair loses its proper level of hydration, it becomes weak, dry, brittle and – consequently – less resistant to unfavourable weather conditions.

If we don’t take proper and well-deserved care of our hair, our nightmare will come true. 

How to avoid this scenario and get beautiful
and healthy hair in everyday therapy?

Ziaja offers a remedy to the above-mentioned problems:
A line of products designed in accordance with the current hair oiling trend, which has been cultivated since ancient times  n the East, e.g. in India or Arabic countries. Due to this hair-oiling ritual women from that region have always boasted beautiful sleek hair.

The lines offer two therapies: argan & tsubaki oils and cashmere proteins & amaranth oil.
Change your bathroom into a relaxing home spa and restress your stressed hair with this well-deserved hair therapy.

Indulge yourself in argan & tsubaki oils hair therapy

To have silky, well-hydrated and soft hair reach out for ziaja argan & tsubaki oils products. Argan oil is a pale yellow, cold-pressed oil obtained from the seeds of argan tree. It is one of the most expensive and most valued oils in the world, called "liquid gold of Morocco". Tsubaki oil, on the other hand, is a light oil, also cold-pressed and obtained from the seeds of camellia. This oriental oil for centuries was used in Japan in proper hair care.
The argan & tsubaki oils hair care products are specially designed for those whose hair is dry and damaged due to its exposure to daily hairdressing treatments and harmful high temperatures. Don’t wait any longer and start protecting your hair! Enjoy the unique fragrance in which flowers and fruits come together to create this elegant and relaxing scent. Invite the floral aroma of tuberose, jasmine, viola and rose mixed with sweet scents of peach, pineapple and melon to your bathroom.

What products will you find in argan & tsubaki oils line?
You can’t escape having a good shampoo in everyday hair care. Let us introduce the argan & tsubaki oils smoothing shampoo, that will add glow and volume to your hair along with active regeneration. It will smooth your hair out, leaving it soft and shiny on a daily basis.

For a better effect, use argan & tsubaki oils concentrated smoothing hair mask containing cold-pressed oil from argan tree seeds that improves your hair condition and restores its natural and healthy look. Feel the velvety touch on your palms and scalp, lay back in your bathtub for 3-5 minutes with the hair mask on and relax surrounded by the enchanting aroma. You won’t regret the effect.  

If you covet even more stunning look of your hair, then the answer to your needs is argan & tsubaki oils smoothing hair serum. Shiny, transparent liquid trapped in a small bottle, will add moisture and shine to your hair. It will also prevent ends from splitting and eliminate unwanted frizz. Use it as a final touch.

Gratify yourself with cashmere
proteins & amaranth oil hair therapy

For fine, delicate, dry and flat hair choose the Ziaja cashmere proteins & amaranth oil line. It is rich in luxurious cashmere proteins and amaranth oil obtained from the grain that was cultivated back in time by Aztecs. The products focus on moisturising and improving your hair condition.
What makes the line unique and pleasant to use, is also the truly amazing aroma. Cover your hair with the luscious scent of the delightful ylang-ylang combined with the elegant blend of musk, sensual vanilla and modern scent of cedar wood.

Get familiar with cashmere proteins & amaranth oil products

Give your hair some volume boost with the gentle cashmere proteins & amaranth oil strengthening shampoo. It will thoroughly cleanse your hair without weighing it down, which will make it look fresh longer. The hair will be visibly strengthened and light to the touch.

Add the extra layer of protection to your hair and use cashmere proteins & amaranth oil concentrated strengthening hair mask. It will deliver great conditioning and help regain the strength to your hair. You will be surprised with its healthy look.

Finalize your hair therapy with the well-thought-out recipe of cashmere proteins & amaranth oil velvet shine serum. Use it to protect your hair from splitting ends and the struggle while combing. The serum guarantees shine, shimmer and satin-softness.

Since you know everything about these two unique lines now, just find a moment, choose the therapy designed for you and give your hair a SPA day.
Who knows, maybe it will become your favorite daily ritual.


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