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We want to make shopping for Ziaja products fun and easy.
That's why shipping is FREE on all orders!

We offer our free shipping to all customers in the USA on all orders.
See our international shipping solution from malltail.com below.

This Ziaja Website Services the United States,
if you live somewhere else and can't get Ziaja products contact us so we can assist you in find our products.

I am sure you have questions,
I hope the following info helps:

We are located in the Phoenix, AZ metro area.
We ship from the USA (Phoenix)
We usually process and ship orders in less than 24 hours
We use USPS for all our shipments
We use Priority Mail*
We provide tracking on all orders
We love our customers and shower them with free samples and fun packaging.
We never want an unhappy customer so let us know right away your delivery did not go well.
Our customers always compliment us on how fast they received their orders!
Most orders arrive in 1 to 3 working days.

Since we use the USPS as our provider we wanted to share some experiences with you:

Winter weather and holiday seasons sometimes delay shipment from the USPS. In our experience the winter weather slows down the air travel which has an impact on service times nationwide. We notice that when the weather is bad on the east coast it even effects packages shipped from Phoenix to Southern California! Something to keep in mind.

Give us a complete and correct address so we can process your order fast. We use a USPS address verification system to process every order, so when an address is incorrect we have to call you to get it right. This slows down your order. Always give us a phone number so we can call you if there is an issue.

Do you live in an Apartment?
Our boxes are not too large but most don't fit in a mail slot. Sometimes our Apartment customers have to check with the managers office or their package gets held at the post office because the postal employee feels that there was no safe place to leave the package.

Do you use a Cluster Box?
Sometimes our customer who live in single family homes have tracking that show the package delivered but they didn't get it. The usual situation is that the postal employee left the package in the Cluster Box and failed to leave the key for the customer.

Was your order damaged?
Let us know right away if you have any problems with your shipment. We want to help you fast if this happens.

Was your order perfect?
On average the USPS does a great job. We have very few orders that have issues. Thanks USPS!

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: We are thankful that we have many Korean customers! We do not ship internationally from this website but many of our Korean customers are using Malltail.com to purchase and ship to Korea.   Also if you spend $60 or more and use our coupon code (SAVEON60) you receive a 10% discount on your order. Here is the info needed:

Set up an account with Malltail.com to ship to Korea and other Countries outside USA:
Malltail.com offers a service that gives you a USA mailing address to order your products in the USA and great international rates on shipping to your international location. Combining our free shipping along with this service allows our international customers the opportunity to purchase and receive their orders quickly. Note: Please not that we recommend the Southern CA mail address for fastest service.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Additional Notes
*All products will ship USPS Priority Mail (First Class under 16 oz*), all orders over 16 oz ship USPS priority mail.
*First Class mail under 16 oz has the same delivery service as priority mail, delivery in about 2 days.
* All orders include USPS Tracking which is forwarded with your completed order.