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About Ziaja

The Ziaja Philosophy
satisfying skin care needs by offering the highest quality products based on natural ingredients at very competitive prices

family-owned European company founded in 1989 by pharmacists Zenon and Aleksandra Ziaja

innovative formulas prepared according to pharmaceutical expertise based on naturally sourced ingredients

The Company
Ziaja is a Polish family owned company with 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and skin care market. Ziaja is a leading producer in Poland with sales exceeding 50 million units per year. Ziaja produces products at modern facilities, located in an ecological zone containing its own research and development laboratories. Ziaja offers over 900 beauty care products: for face, body and hair in addition to high quality pharmaceuticals.

Ziaja's Product Concept
is based on providing customers with high quality products at attractive prices, without sacrificing product safety and efficacy.

Ziaja Quality
Production adheres to strict system and process quality standards; the high quality of Ziaja products are guaranteed by ISO 9001:2008 and GMP standards. Each recipe is prepared with great care, in terms of dermatological and physico-chemical standards, and is consistent with European cosmetic law.

No Animal Testing
None of the raw materials is tested on animals or qualified as CMR - cancerogenic, mutagenic, affecting reproduction. All of them are qualified as REACH.

Our products subjected to testing
Efficacy tests conducted internally on Visia and Courage Khazaka equipment.
Application and dermatological tests conducted under dermatologists’ supervision.
Tests of different products, depending on their use, conducted in cooperation with ophthalmologists, gynecologists, dentists.
In vivo tests for assessment of hypoallergenic properties.

We eliminate irritants and comedogenic substances from our products. The content of preservatives is limited to the necessary minimum.

The Ziaja Story
Ziaja Ltd was founded in 1989 by pharmacists, Alexandra and Zenon Ziaja in Gdańsk, Poland. Now after 25 years it is one of the biggest cosmetic companies in Poland.

Zenon Ziaja gained his pharmaceutical experience in a hospital pharmacy. Back then, many medicines, especially ointments, were produced by on site pharmacies following doctors’ formulas. Zenon found this work very interesting and this small scale production quickly became his hobby. In his free time he experimented with own formulations and thus the idea of his own company was born.

The first product that Zenon formulated was Natural Olive Cream with a very simple formula - just like medical ointments. For 25 years the product has been Ziaja best seller.

In the early years Zenon and his wife Alexandra did everything themselves in the company, from manufacturing the creams, to packing them and delivering to the shops all over Poland. Following the same company’s philosophy regarding product formulation soon other creams were introduced. Sales grew quickly and the company had to employ people to help fulfill the increasing demand. Zenon decided to keep the role of delivering the products himself. He liked talking to people, finding out what they thought about his products, and what else they may need.

Currently, Ziaja Ltd is one of the leading cosmetic manufacturers in Poland, with 50 million products sold in 2013 and a 19% share of the face cream market in 2012. It employs over 700 people, 450 in the factory and 250 in distribution all over Poland. The company’s offer includes over 900 products for face, body and hair. Ziaja products are designed for the consumer who values high quality for a reasonable price.

What contributed to the great success of Ziaja is its pharmaceutical background and experience. The passion and commitment together with openness to the needs of the Customers made Ziaja the most valuable brand in Polish cosmetics sector.

From the very beginning Ziaja follows clear and simple rules, and above all honesty to the Customers. Ziaja focuses on continuous improvement and development which makes it future oriented and innovative company.

Nowadays the Ziaja brand is recognized not only by Polish Customers but also by millions of Customers all over the world.

Zenon has been asked many times what the secret is to his success? Zenon simply replies “It is not an art to create something good and expensive, but it is an art to create something good and inexpensive.”