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Ziaja Marine Algae + Natural Olive Micellar Waters Review

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Stephanie Louise ATB -

Ziaja Marine Algae + Natural Olive Micellar Waters Review:

Hey guys & happy Sunday to you all! Ziaja is a brand I’ve come to love-especially for skincare. Everything on the site is detailed, under $15, & you get free shipping on all orders! What’s not to love? Today I want to shine a spotlight on an often overlooked product that I actually love in my skincare routine- cleansing waters! Keep reading to check them out!

So here I have the Marine Algae & Natural Olive Micellar Waters. Basically both products do the same thing- clean my face quickly without leaving behind residue. I so wish I had these back in high school for dance recitals & such- I went through so many makeup wipes that just didn’t work. Does it eat up waterproof makeup? Not as well as an oil- but it also doesn’t leave behind residue so I’m okay with it. After a rough day when I need to apply a new face to go/do something else this is perfect. It doesn’t dry out my skin, irritate my sensitive skin, or leave behind any kind of product. Just fresh clean skin. I tend to use a cotton pad but I’ve found these also work great on reusable, thinner cloths.

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