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Ziaja Marigold & Cucumber Facial Toner Review

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Stephanie Louise ATB -

Ziaja Marigold & Cucumber Facial Toner Review:

Are you an avid toner user? For a long time I honestly wasn’t. I really didn’t understand the point. Now I can’t imagine my day to day without them! For the past 3-4 years I’ve been loving & hugging on toners (it is a serious relationship) & am constantly changing things up to go between luxury & the affordable. I was recently able to pick out some Ziaja products & of course I chose some toners! Keep reading to find out more!
In case you aren’t familiar with the Ziaja site, they have some amazing European products & they’re under $10. (Now $15 with free shipping) I’d say that is nearly drugstore prices! One of my favorite things about their website is they list all of their ingredients for you. I don’t know why more brands don’t do this for convenience sake! I chose the Marigold & Cucumber facial toners, both of which retail for $12.99 regularly.

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