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Ziaja Beauty Products Review

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Ziaja Beauty Products Review: Micelllar Water:

I, maybe like a lot of you, tend to think that uber affordable skin care products that actually work (not kind of work, but really work) are an urban myth.  My rationalization for expensive skin care purchases is usually that I would have to spend the same amount of money getting more of the cheaper product just so it can work as well as the more expensive product. Sometimes this was true, at times it was utter nonsense. Yet somehow it made sense to me even though rationally I know that a product does not need to cost an arm and a leg for it to be effective.  In an effort to embrace my more rational beauty connoisseur I decided to give a really affordable line of skin care that I had never heard of a try. I honestly wished I would have know about micellar water sooner because I love how soft and refreshed my skin feels after using it and it does a fantastic job of removing my makeup. 

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