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Goat's Milk Body Butter and Natural Olive Shampoo & Hair Mask

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Nuts 4 Stuff -

Goat's Milk Body Butter and Natural Olive Shampoo & Hair Mask:

The Goat's Milk Body Butter was so luxurious and rich.  This cream was delightfully fragrant and pampering to my skin with its goat's milk proteins, vitamins E, A, D, omega 3, omega 6, and olive oil for keeping every inch of me baby soft.  I have been having a rough patch of skin on the back of the arm from being attached to the computer and constantly reaching for the mouse on my desk.  Anyway, I've been using this cream and it has been smoothing the skin without excess greasiness so I can still work.  I really think this body butter has been lubricating that arm quite well because it is coming along very nicely now.  It's hard to believe this big 7-oz. jar retails for $9.99 (now 12.99 with free shipping)

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