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Help Ziaja USA by posting a review on GOOGLE

Posted by Ziaja USA on


Please help us by writing a quick review about the service you received from Ziaja USA.

I am sure others would be interested in:
How easy it is to purchase on our site
How Fast you received your products
What your package looked like, Ziaja Shopping Bag, Samples & Thank you note.
Getting great emails about promotions & New Products.

It is very important for us to get some reviews on google, this requires that you have a gmail.com email account or a google account in general. Most People do. If so can you click on this link, it will forward you to the popup page on google search where our store is located. Thanks so much for your help!


FYI it takes a second for the review box to popup, so please wait for this, you will see a star rating and a place for review.

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  • Ziaja does not use any animal testing in any aspect of their business. Here is a direct link to this information:

    Ziaja USA

    Ziaja USA on
  • I would love to share your info on a Facebook or anywhere else. However, I am trying to find out if Ziaja is testing on animals and i can not find any info about it. I e-mailed Ziaja but haven’t received any response. Although I like Ziaja products I am not going to use them and I can’t share any info about them until I get confirmation that Ziaja is not testing on animals.

    Basia on

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